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Hospitality Education Awards 2022 - applications until 30 Jun 2022



​​Applications for the Hospitality Education Awards (HEA) 2022 are now open.

These awards aim to recognise the best in the field of hospitality education and training and to contribute to the dignification of professionals and their professions in this area, as well as to stimulate the quality of training in response to market needs.

This annual distinction is an initiative of Associação Fórum Turismo, together with Turismo de Portugal, I.P., the Associação Nacional de Escolas Profissionais (ANESPO), the Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional (IEFP) and the Rede de Instituições Públicas do Ensino Superior com Cursos na área do Turismo (RIPTUR), in a collaboration with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), that aims to be a bridge between the academic and the professional worlds.

There are eight different categories for competition:
_ Best Educational Project
_ Best Innovation and Development Project (I&D)
_ Best Teaching Career in Higher Education
_ Best Teaching Career in Vocational Education
_ Best Stakeholder
_ Best Young Career
_ Best Teacher / Trainer in Digital 
_ Fórum Turismo Award.

There will also be a direct honorary award for career achievement, the Career Award Fórum Turismo.

The winners will be announced in September at the​ Awards Gala (place and date to be announced soon).

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