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Turismo de Portugal Schools' training model will be implemented in a Saudi Arabia Academy

International relations


​​​​​​​​​​​Turismo de Portugal has just established a partnership with Zadk Culinary Academy of Saudi Arabia, with a view to sharing training experience in tourism, teaching methods, contents and programme structure of the courses. The aim, in the future, is to create an International Certification that allows the exchange of students between the two countries.

This partnership aims to add value to both institutions, and to the students and professionals to be involved, also aiming at the certification, by Turismo de Portugal, of the training provided in Zadk Culinary Academy​. Besides the vocational training certified by Turismo de Portugal, another of the objectives is the creation of a Hotel-School, similar to those implemented in the Turismo de Portugal Schools and that allow to complement the theoretical content of the courses with experiential and practical teaching.

At the same time, this partnership will strengthen the institutional relations between the two countries, promoting Portugal and the excellence of our tourism in Saudi Arabia, through Zadk Culinary Academy​ and its privileged relations that will allow a better knowledge of the culture and projects in that part of the globe.

Zadk Culinary Academy​​​ is a private non-profit institution with links to government institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Tourism has become a priority for investment in this country, and there is great potential for growth in terms of human resource qualification, where Zadk Academy plays an important role for being the first "Culinary Academy" in Saudi Arabia, and also the first to teach both genders, being much sought after by governmental and private entities for support and/or management of tourism-related projects.

Training is one of the pillars of Turismo de Portugal's activities and, through a network of 12 schools spread throughout the country, it trains more than three thousand students each year, contributing to the competitiveness and quality of service provided by companies and agents in the sector.

In recent years, internationalisation has become increasingly important in the development strategy of the Turismo de Portugal Schools network, both in attracting foreign students - there is currently an annual growth of over 10% in the number of international students in the Turismo de Portugal Schools - and in carrying out curricular internships in the best international chains, with internships financed by the ERASMUS programme and internships directly financed by Turismo de Portugal, and also in the development of a significant number of partnerships with international schools and entities in Europe, Canada, India, China, among others, which are materialised in the exchange of students and trainers and in the execution of joint training projects and experience sharing.
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