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Turismo de Portugal at the São Paulo International Book Biennial

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Turismo de Portugal is part of Portugal's representation at the 26th São Paulo International Book Biennial, which takes place between the 2nd and 10th of July in São Paulo, Brazil. Portugal is the guest country in this edition, in the year when Brazil celebrates the 200 years of its independence.

With the motto “It is urgent to live enchanted” (by the Portuguese writer Valter Hugo Mãe), the Portuguese delegation is made up of 21 authors – Afonso Cruz, António Jorge Gonçalves, Dulce Maria Cardoso, Francisco José Viegas, Filipe Melo, Gonçalo M Tavares, Joana Bértholo, José Luís Peixoto, Kalaf Epalanga, Lídia Jorge, Maria do Rosário Pedreira, Maria Inês Almeida, Matilde Campilho, Pedro Eiras, Ricardo Araújo Pereira, Rui Tavares, Teolinda Gersão, Valério Romão and Valter Hugo Mãe - as well as Luís Cardoso, the first Timorese writer to win, in 2021, the Oceans Prize, and the Mozambican author Paulina Chiziane, Camões Prize 2021. Vitor Sobral and André Magalhães are the 2 chefs who complete the national representation. The cultural program and curatorship is in charge of journalist and writer Isabel Lucas.

The Portuguese Pavilion, designed by Turismo de Portugal, with an area of ​​500m2, has an auditorium, a multipurpose space with exhibitions and a replica of a Portuguese tram, a bookstore and an area for children's programming.

This event - a meeting point for the main publishers, bookstores and distributors - celebrates the transformation that books can bring to people's lives and provides a comprehensive multicultural program, with room for literature, gastronomy, culture, business and entertainment activities.​

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